Microwave-assisted ecofriendly silver nanoparticle synthesis by varieties of Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat: Assessing their antioxidant, photocatalytic and antibacterial activities


  • Mathivathani Kandiah School of Science, BMS, 591, Galle Road, Colombo 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2590-6637
  • Laknee Nawamali DE SILVA School of Science, BMS, 591, Galle Road, Colombo 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Silver, Nanoparticles, Microwave – assisted, Antioxidant activity, Photocatalytic activity


Based on recent developments in the field of Nanobiotechnology, this study is aimed at the assessment of antioxidant, photocatalytic and antibacterial activities of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) synthesized using Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat varieties (brown, yellow, purple, pink, salmon pink and white), where five varieties produced AgNPs except white. Antioxidant assays such as total flavonoid content, total phenolic content and total antioxidant capacity and free radical scavenging assays such as ferric reducing antioxidant power and DPPH radical scavenging assays were performed. Photocatalytic activity was assessed by the degradation of the model dye methylene blue. Anti-bacterial activity was determined on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Performed assays indicated higher antioxidant contents and activities in AgNPs compared to water extracts. The lowest minimum inhibitory concentration was obtained for AgNPs of brown variety indicating a higher antioxidant activity. Photocatalytic activity assessment on brown AgNPs of 3175 ppm and 212 ppm showed no difference in their rate constants indicating a similar photocatalytic activity for both concentrations. Antibacterial activity was higher in water extracts compared to AgNPs for both types of bacteria used. Biosynthesized AgNPs show a wide array of properties which could be beneficial in the treatment of free radical-related diseases, environmental pollution, and antibiotic resistance.


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