Failure analysis of bearings in air conditioning compressor


  • P. Promdirek
  • A. Leidig
  • T. Keawjarus
  • P. Tong-in


Two journal bearings of a compressor were failed in service. The wear which led to crack was observed at the internal surface of both bearings. The objective of this analysis is to evaluate the reason for the wear found on the internal bearings surface. Two bearings were returned from field and others in several conditions were examined. Electron probe micro analyzer and microhardness was used for metallurgical analysis. It revealed that bearing consisted of two different layers: 1) Fe-base and 2) Al-Sn alloy. Surface worn at the internal surface which composed of Al-Sn alloy was found. The results also showed that the phase transformation of the internal surface of the bearing in service was occurred as same as the bearing used without oil lubrication. The lack of oil lubrication is therefore the main reason for the wear found at the bearing in service.


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P. Promdirek, A. Leidig, T. Keawjarus, and P. Tong-in, “Failure analysis of bearings in air conditioning compressor”, J. Met. Mater. Miner., vol. 22, no. 1, Jun. 2012.



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