Authors' checklist

  1. Authors & Corresponding authors:
    • Add names and affiliations of ‘all authors’ in the JMMM journal system.
    • On the first page, write ‘full names’ (not abbreviated) of all authors and affiliation ‘with city, zi p code, and country’.
    • Provide ‘institutional’ email address of corresponding author.
  2. Minimum length of article: >2,500 words for original article; and >3,500 words for review article. Maximum length of abstract: 200 words.
  3. Figures & Tables:
    • The font of axis labels and all texts in graphical figures is Time New Roman. Size of numbers on the axis should also be comparable between different figures. The format of all figures needs to be the same.
    • The scalebars and numbers on scalebars of micrographs need to be large enough for good visibility
    • No vertical lines, no brackets, no background color for Tables.
  4. Reference format:
    • The format of reference conforms to that of the journal (IEEE reference format).  See journal template for examples.