On the mechanical properties of Al/Cu-grid/Al intermetallic composite


  • Hamza ESSOUSSI Laboratory of Energy, Materials and Sustainable Development, ENSAM, Moulay Ismail University, 15290, Meknes, Morocco
  • Said ETTAQI Laboratory of Energy, Materials and Sustainable Development, ENSAM, Moulay Ismail University, 15290, Meknes, Morocco




Al/Cu-grid/Al metallic composite, Al-based composite, Interface diffusion


The present paper deals with the experimental investigation of new process combining static compression with high temperature as a simple way to prepare new Al/Cu-grid/Al metallic composite (MC) that consists of Aluminum matrix and Copper grid acting as ductile reinforcement stacked between the Al sheets. At the stage of composite fabrication, two different thermal cycles were tested to highlight the effect of processing temperature on the layers’ adherence and the mechanical properties of the prepared composites. Consequently, the microstructural and mechanical results revealed that the compression at 630℃ for 30 min, then furnace cooled to 450℃ followed by air cooling led to improved mechanical properties and good adherence of Al sheets.


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