Electrochemical oxidation process for mineralization of solvent


  • Apisara Charoensri Chemistry and Material Science Research Program, Office of Atoms for Peace
  • Fuyumi Kobayashi Department of Criticality and Fuel Cycle Facility, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Akihino Kimura Department of Criticality and Fuel Cycle Facility, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Junichi Ishii Department of Criticality and Fuel Cycle Facility, Japan Atomic Energy Agency


Electrochemical Oxidation, Silver mediated, Ag(II), Tributyl phosphate, Dodecane


A silver mediated electrochemical oxidations is a promising technique for the destruction of organic compounds. The destruction of 30%tributyl phosphate in dodecane in a nitric acid medium containing electrogenerated Ag(II) to carbon dioxide was studied by using a laboratory scale electrochemical oxidation cell. The electrolyte used in this system was 0.5 M AgNO3 in the range of 3 - 7 M HNO3, at operating temperatures of 60°C ± 5°C, under ultrasonic agitation and the output of a DC power supply at constant the current was 60 A, respectively. Electrolysis was carried out for 5 hours. The results show that, in silver mediated electrochemical oxidation method, destruction of 30%TBP/Dodecane was increased with increase of concentration of HNO3.


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A. Charoensri, F. . Kobayashi, A. Kimura, and J. Ishii, “Electrochemical oxidation process for mineralization of solvent”, J Met Mater Miner, vol. 16, no. 2, Apr. 2017.



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