Controlled plasma tuning of MoS2 based photodetector: From visible to ultraviolet photo response


  • Huda Musa MUTLAQ College of Science, Wasit University, Al Kut, Wasit, Iraq
  • Ali Jabbar FRAIH College of Science, Wasit University, Al Kut, Wasit, Iraq


MoS2, Oxygen plasma, Photodetector, visible, ultraviolet


Among diverse family of two-dimensional materials, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is one of the most promising materials for optical applications thanks to its tunable optical energy bandgap. In this work, a MoS2 based photodetector is fabricated and its optical properties is investigated. With the help of controlled oxygen plasma bombardment, its photoresponse is tuned from visible to ultraviolet region. The photodetector was subjected to three bombardment times of 60 s, 120 s, and 180 s, and it was observed that 180 s irradiation resulted in a change in the optical response range of the photodetector from visible to ultraviolet. In fact, by doping MoS2 sheets with oxygen ions, they are replaced with sulfur atoms and partially MoS2 is converted to oxide which its energy band gap increases. Raman analysis shows that the structure of MoS2 is preserved even after plasma irradiation. However, due to the bombardment, response time of the tuned photodetector is slowed down due to the increase of trap states.


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