Efficiency of 2-dodecylaminopyridine for the liquid-liquid extraction of gold(III) from succinic acid medium


  • Umrao Shep Department of Chemistry, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (M.S.)
  • Rucha Pawar
  • Balasaheb Arbad




Extractive recovery of gold(III) from succinic acid solution with high molecular weight amine: 2-dodecylaminopyridine (2-DDAP) as a new extractant in xylene has been investigated. Extraction data indicates that 5 × 10-4 mol⋅L-1 2-DDAP is a very efficient and fast extractant. Gold(III) can be effectively extracted (D = 414.16) with 2-DDAP from 0.04 M succinic acid solution. The equilibrium of gold(III) from aqueous phase of succinic acid with 2-DDAP is achieved within 60 sec. The extraction of gold(III) with 2-DDAP proceed at the interface according to ion pair formation mechanism. The best stripping solution from among the studied ones is the 4 M ammonia solution. The selective extraction of gold(III) from some precious and base metals was carried out by 2-DDAP using proposed method and the results obtained are found to be highly effective for synthetic sample.


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