Effect of cladding of stellite-6 filler wire on the surface of ss316l alloy through cold metal arc transfer process


  • Thinesh Babu THIAGARAJAN Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Sengottuvel PONNUSAMY Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai 600073 India




Cladding, CMT, Stellite-6, SEM-EDAX, Vickers-Hardness


In this work, Cladding was done on SS316L alloy through the CMT process using Stellite-6 filler wire. 31 experiments were done at different welding conditions as per CCD matrix. The cladding specimens were characterized by macro and micro-study, Vickers microhardness evaluation and corrosion resistance analysis. An optical microscope, SEM-EDAX, and XRD were used to predict the structural characterizations, presence and the distributions of the elements. Based on the study higher voltage & welding speed showed appreciable hardness at the interface & cladding regions. The thickness of the interface was noted at a maximum of 190 μm. The EDS spectra showed that Fe, Cr and Co were the major elements in the clad and interface regions. The Co-rich phase and the low content of element O are found in the low corroded regions on the specimen. The maximum hardness observed at cladding and interface were 378 Hv and 270 Hv respectively.


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