Study of covering conditions for sintering of metal injection moulded commercially pure titanium


  • Nattapol Muenya National Metal and Materials Technology Center
  • Anchalee Manonukul National Metal and Materials Technology Center


Pure titanium, Covering conditions, Oxygen content, Sintering, Metal injection moulding


In metal injection moulding process, sintering for some specific materials is different from general materials. Titanium is a material that is not easy to sinter because it is a very reactive metal at high temperature. The high quality of the titanium component is difficult to control, especially so in point of the levels of carbon and oxygen, which have large effects on the mechanical properties. Commercially pure titanium was injected, debinded and sintered at 1150°C and 1250°C in high vacuum without a cover, and with a quartz cover, a mullite cover and an alumina cover, respectively. From the physical and mechanical properties of the sintered parts, it can be summarised that it is necessary to protect commercially pure titanium sintered parts from contamination. The cover must be made of a material that is stable at the sintering temperature. Quartz and alumina are possible candidates as both can be used to sinter good quality titanium. However, alumina is a better choice considering the cost and toughness.


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