Corrosion of ECAPed Magnesium alloys and its background: A review


  • Gajanan Manjunath Naik Department of Mechanical Engineering, NITK
  • Narendranath Sannayellappa Department of Mechanical Engineering, NITK
  • Selvanayagam Selvin Satheesh Kumar Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Kanchanbagh


Corrosion, ECAP, Magnesium, Polarization, UFG


The aim of this review article is to provide a brief mechanistic overview of magnesium alloys, equal channel angular pressing and corrosion behavior of un-ECAPed and ECAPed Mg alloys. The considerate of the corrosion processes of ECAPed Mg alloys builds upon interpretation of the corrosion of fine-grain magnesium alloys. This provides an understanding of the effect of grain size on corrosion of Mg alloys. This deep understanding is essential as a foundation if we are to produce corrosion-resistant magnesium alloys. Considerable has previously been accomplished, but there is enormous scope for development. This present concise review can provide a foundation for further, much desirable research.


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