Utilization of RHA in development of hybrid composite by electromagnetic stir casting technique using RSM

S P Dwivedi, G Dwivedi


In the present investigation, hybrid metal matrix composite was developed using electromagnetic stir casting technique. AA2024 alloy was used as matrix material. RHA (rice husk ash) was used as primary reinforcement material, while B4C (boron carbide) was used as secondary reinforcement material. CCD (central composite design) was employed to develop design matrix table for fabrication of hybrid composite by electromagnetic stir casting technique. Microstructure result showed uniform distribution of RHA and B4C in matrix material. Ramp function graph showed that when RHA preheat temperature, RHA weight percentage, Electromagnetic stirring time, B4C preheat temperature and B4C wt.% are 272.57°C, 12.5%, 180 s, 312.38°C and 12.5% respectively then the optimum value of tensile strength of composite was found to be 258.498 MPa with desirability 0.958. Hardness, toughness and ductility were also observed at optimum electromagnetic stir casting parameters.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508