Composition of CNT and WO3 nanoplate: synthesis and NH3 gas sensing characteristics at low temperature

V X Le, T V Duong, LA T Luu, T V Pham, L H Nguyen, T C Nguyen


WO3 nanoplate synthesized by acid precipitation method was composited with commercial carbon nanotube with different weight percents (0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 wt% of CNT). The ammonia gas sensing characteristics of composite materials at low temperature (50°C) were investigated and compared with that of pristine materials (WO3 nanoplate, commercial carbon nanotube). The results showed that the composition enhanced the gas sensing properties in comparison with the pristine carbon nanotube-based sensor and more stable than pristine WO3 nanoplate-based sensor. The response of gas sensors to 30 ppm of ammonia got the highest value of 45% in 0.5 wt%-CNT sensor – enhanced 100 times in comparison with carbon nanotube-based sensor. The calculated limit of detection of 0.5 wt%CNT/WO3 sensor was at sub-trace-level of 3 ppb. This enhancement shows the high applicability of composite materials in gas sensor working at room temperature.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508