Titanium dioxide nanostructures synthesized by sonochemical – hydrothermal process


  • N Wongpisutpaisan
  • C Kahattha
  • N Vittayakorn
  • A Ruangphanit
  • W Pecharapa


Titanium dioxide particles were prepared by sonochemical–hydrothermal process from a precursor of titanium isopropoxide in the presence of polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution. Sonication of the precursor was conducted using sonic horn operated at 20 kHz until the completely precipitated product was reached. As-obtained intermediate products were then loaded into a Teflon-lined stainless steel autoclave for hydrothermal process with10M NaOH aqueous solution and heated under different temperature 80-120ºC. The synthesized products were characterized of structural properties and surface morphology by X-ray diffraction spectroscopy and field emission scanning electron microscope. The results show that prepared samples have a good crystallinity and the high purity TiO2. In addition, it is acknowledged that the hydrothermal temperature has a significant influence on their physical properties.


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N. Wongpisutpaisan, C. Kahattha, N. Vittayakorn, A. Ruangphanit, and W. Pecharapa, “Titanium dioxide nanostructures synthesized by sonochemical – hydrothermal process”, J. Met. Mater. Miner., vol. 23, no. 1, Jun. 2013.



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