Properties of UV-curable screen printing inks containing oligolactide acrylates


  • S Kulsiriswad
  • O Saravari
  • K Srikulkit


This study was aimed at investigating the properties of UV-curable screen printing inks prepared from oligolactide acrylates. Those resultant inks were applied on substrates and cured by UV radiation. Then, properties of the cured ink films were evaluated and compared with a commercial acrylate ink. The degradation temperature of ink film was found at around 436°C. In addition, thus obtained films were glossy and transparent without yellowness. The weathering resistance of ink films tested by a Xenon test chamber for 500 h showed that ink films exhibited acceptable outdoor durability. Discoloration due to the degradation of lactide chain was observed, albeit color differences (∆E) were satisfactorily less than 1. When compared to a commercial polyester acrylate ink, the prepared inks exhibited comparable properties. As a result, these prepared inks are commercially possible for substituting non biodegradable commercial inks particularly outdoor applications.


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S. Kulsiriswad, O. Saravari, and K. Srikulkit, “Properties of UV-curable screen printing inks containing oligolactide acrylates”, J Met Mater Miner, vol. 28, no. 2, Jan. 2019.



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