Highly ordered porous PLA films prepared by breath figure method

C Preuksarattanawut, E Nisaratanaporn, K Siralertmukul


Honeycomb-patterned porous biodegradable PLA film can be successfully prepared by the Breath Figure (BF) method, which is a self-assembly template and low-cost process. In this research, the fabrication was designed to create a convenient and simple process aimed at meeting commercial requirements. Production of regularly ordered pattern microporous film is carried out in a closed system with optimum conditions. Thus, important production factors —that is, the starting polymer concentration in solution, the type of solvent (which affects the solvent evaporation rate), and the relative humidity of the closed chamber —were investigated to identify the optimum conditions. The results showed that highly ordered porous film with smaller average pore size of 23.29±4.55 µm on strut was generated (19.98±2.82 µm) when high PLA concentration (10% wt PLA) in dichloromethane with 80-85% RH relative humidity was applied.

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Printed ISSN: 0857-6149

Online ISSN: 2630-0508