The Analysis of Creep Behavior in an Annealed Nickel Based Alloy


  • Panyawat WANGYAO Metallurgy and Materials Science Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University
  • Jozef ZRNIK Materials Science Dept., Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University
  • Vladimir VRCHOVINSKY Materials Science Dept., Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University
  • Zbysek NOVY Complete Technological Service-Forming & Heat Treatment Ltd.
  • Barbora KASANICKA Institut fur Werkstoffkunde I, Karlsruhe University


Nickel-base alloy, Hot working, Annealing, Microstructure evolution, and Creep


The study investigated the creep behaviour of a nickel based solid solution strengthened NiMoCr alloy after different applied hot working conditions. Creep tests were conducted at a stress level of 160 MPa and a temperature of 710°C. The results showed that creep characteristics, greatly depend on the initial hot working conditions (heating temperature and degree of deformation in the process) and annealing time carried out prior to creep. Failure mechanisms including crack nucleation and crack propagation strongly depended on the grain boundaries. Fine recrystallized structures had provided much less resistance to creep deformation.


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P. WANGYAO, J. ZRNIK, V. VRCHOVINSKY, Z. NOVY, and B. KASANICKA, “The Analysis of Creep Behavior in an Annealed Nickel Based Alloy”, J Met Mater Miner, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 67–73, Aug. 2022.



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